Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Nights are the times of misgivings of the human mind. Doubts, fear, insecurities come creeping in…………….

There are others who feel night would hide them like a blanket. Nobody would see them!

Yet, night is like the near to the end, near to the beautiful beginning of another day. It is the last leg of the journey which you travel to get to the light at the end of that tunnel. It is that last desperate attempt you make to cram up before your morning exam.

One last chance to freedom, one last chance to give in to indulgences, the last chance to hide before the morning discovers you with light in your face (literally)!

Can you hide? Can you run? Or do you want to live life till the end!?

No! 24 hours are never enough in a day- to love, hate, weep, feel jealous, be envious, live and die. Feel all the myriad emotions pass you by…..

Night is the time of reckoning, of looking back on the day- Remembering, analyzing, learning and moving on….

So, go ahead express yourself and live life to its fullest!!