Sunday, January 3, 2010

Paper Thoughts

I’m writing down my thoughts on paper planes, before letting them go and dropping them one by one into the sky. As they fall through the air, they'll land among the clouds and send ripples through heaven, and I’ll smile because I know that someone will pick up my thoughts eventually.

I’ll look at that ocean of a sky and wait until my planes disappear into the horizon, and I’ll wait and wait and wait until I see that someone perhaps has picked them up and read them, and decided to send one back. I’ll pick up that fragile sheet of paper, and read their thoughts, those beautiful things which humans dream up, and I'll smile.

Then I’ll place that plane back into the sky and watch as it floats off to join the others.
Maybe one day, my planes will come back to me.


Inspired by Serendipitous conversations with long lost Friend