Monday, January 28, 2008

Love Ramifications

The complicated thing about love is letting yourself go without regrets. Letting yourself fall, in a heartbeat, to an abysm filled with uncertainty and risk not to look back.

The hardest part is coming out of our bubble to face the cruelty of life with nothing but our heart, and throwing every fiber of our being because we hope, we believe.

To love someone is to be willing to burn our shields away to expose our fragility, our soul. Even if we know we could be destroyed in one second, it might be worth it at the end. Life is worth this risk.

To love is to live, continually falling with someone else by our side hoping we can heal each other after the hit.

To love is to hold on till eternity with that special someone, is to wish this is the beginning of the end.. is wishing for them to be our happy ending.

To love is understanding some things aren't made to be understood with reason, some things can only be felt.

To love is to know that everything has a purpose, even heart break.

Loving is rediscovering the world, both good and evil, and being able to find the beauty hidden in both.

Loving is the end of a tired search, where we can find a place that we only thought existed in our dreams.

Loving you is realizing everything starts and ends with you.