Friday, August 15, 2008

Lightning Bug

Walking through a field of grass that was knee high, The little girl beside him finally became too eager, to reach the sight just ahead of them, to follow at his slow pace.

She hurried ahead into the darkness, and before long she was in the midst of a million tiny lights that flickered and pulsed as they drifted from place to place.
Reaching out, she snatched one of the lights in mid-flight. She peered into her cupped hands and a look of Wonderment covered her face when she saw what she had caught.

"A lightning bug!" she exclaimed as she ran back to him, Treasure in hand. She had never seen them before.

"It's so tiny... How did it swallow the lightning?" She looked up and asked him.

The old man smiled and said " I don't know my dear, but it goes to show that You can do great things if you try hard enough, Even if you're small."

She opened her hands and allowed the little bug to fly away into the night. They stayed there and watched them dance until she fell asleep in his lap.

He kissed her forehead. "Good night, my little lightning bug."

A Perfect Moment

Everything is calm and tranquil, euphony of the chimes is softly floating in the air. The boy sits contented for once, nothing worth worrying over in the back of his head. His bed is soft, his lap is warm. He reads contently, a prefect story. The rain falls gently as the clouds start descending into the valley. His eyes close and he thinks of this moment to engrave it in his mind forever. His couldn't help but smile softly and admit for once the world seems right.