Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dont Walk Away

It's just about people liking each other but not saying until one has to leave.

She looks at him. Today he leaves, to do new things. Today he leaves.

Without her. She has so much to tell him, but she doesn’t know how. She wants to sit down next to him, and confess exactly how she feels. She can't. He's leaving, and all she can do is sit back and watch him leave, not being able to say anything, because she's just too shy. Too worried about what he'd think. She never used to worry about what people think. Until him. She looks at him again, and smiles.

He looks at her. Over the time he's known her, he's become very attached to her. He can't believe today has come. The day he has to leave. He doesn't want to leave her. He wants to put his arm around her, and kiss her softly. He wants to make her smile when the world makes her feel down. He was instantly drawn to her and didn't know what to say. He wants to tell her everything, but now it's probably too late. He returns her look, and smiles.

They look at each other again. A loudspeaker blares. It snaps them back to reality. People go by in a whirlwind of luggage. But they are quiet. Awkwardly quiet.

He looks down at his bag, trying to decide if he should tell her how he feels or not. Bending down, to zip up a partly unzipped pocket, he decides not to. 'What difference does it make anyways?' He thought. 'I won't be back for a year, and she probably has her own plans for the future.' He sighs, and stands up. He doesn’t know where things are headed, where they'll end up, but he has to have her. He loves her.

She watches him bend down, and sees the way he gently zips up pocket. She's going to miss him so much. Thoughts start running through her head. 'What if he doesn’t come back?' a fearful voice in her head asks. Another voice, this time jealousy, asks, 'What if he finds a girl and falls for her, before I get to tell him?' She shakes her head. She has to tell him. She loves him.

They look at each other, and smile. She takes a breath, and opens her mouth to talk. She stops, and thinks...,'Do I really have a chance?' He looks at her, wondering what she was about to say. She shakes her head, and Looks down. 'It's nothing. Just my imagination playing tricks on me again.' He thinks. They make eye contact for three seconds then they blush and look away. "Uh! There's something I have to tell you...” He says. "...I don't know how you feel... or what you're going to think of me after I say this..." The loudspeaker comes to life again. "Flight IC764 to New Delhi, now boarding", it says. "Passengers are requested to go to Gate no 4"

He sighs. Just when he was going to tell her everything. The way she looked at him, was it just a look, or more? It felt as if she could see his very soul. She looks at him, and says, "What were you going to say?" "Never mind... err. Never mind.” was his reply. He looks at her and smiles. She looks at her feet, shyly. "Alright then...I got to be going...Cheerio! ", He says. She looks up, and says, "Okay...take care of yourself. Don't be getting into any trouble up there okay?" He nods, and starts to walk away. She looks down again, and then makes a decision. "Hey, wait!” she calls. He turns around. She looks up, and goes over to him. She looks into his dark brown eyes, and smiles. In a soft voice, almost like a whisper, she says, "I don't know what you were going to say, but I'm going to miss you." She kisses him softly on the lips. Before he could say anything, she was gone.