Saturday, February 20, 2010

The flame who loved

The couple sat and ate as the piano man played. The candle sat on the table and the flame danced to the music of the piano, but they paid it no attention. She was born to dance and dance she did. She swayed in the breeze, stretched to tippy toes and crouched to her feet, but they paid it no attention.

His eyes fell upon the flame with an intense gaze and she fell in love. His eyes reflected her light and sparkled with her passion. His eyes strayed and she danced only for him. The couple spoke and ate and laughed for an hour but soon grew weary. The flame knew this would be her last chance to act. She backed to the edge of her candle and leapt toward him. She landed on his coat and hugged him tightly and crackled words of love to him.

He jumped up in a fright and threw his water onto her. She cried out in a vicious hiss and her life ended in a puff of smoke. The couple paid the waiter and left.

The waiter saw an unlit candle on a table and lit it for the next couple and the flame danced to the music of the piano.




First of all, i'm a very big fan of your writing... big fan!!
to start with, this one's is a mesmerizing piece..
Personification of the candle flame is just amazing..
the swaying of flame to the tunes of the piano and falling in love is the best part..
thumbs up!!

Anonymous Dreamer said...

Thank you Priyanshu.. Glad you like the stories.. ^^